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The Alphabetical Backwards List

(Not to be confused with the Alphabetical Traveling Pants.)

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Woo! This is the Alphabetical Backwards List. This is how it all began:

It was Friday, October 7, 2005. We were in Social Studies ninth period. Then we had a fire drill, oh joy. So, it was the whole 'let's run down the stairs and get lost in the crowd' deal. When we got back upstairs, I, whereyouwalk, smelled a donut. I don't know how, I don't know why, but I smelled one. Of course, I said to Cassie, stereosymbiosis, and Mel, melody_bell_mel, "I smell a donut." So, we began to discuss going to Dunkin' Donuts and the fact that Cassie wanted an egg and cheese sandwich. So, we were joking around about going to get donuts for breakfast, and who would drive and such, which was funny considering we're 13 (but I'll be 14 Oct. 25).
So, were talking about donuts, but doing the assignment at the same time, because we are the good peoples in the class. After I tried to convince Cassie to write 'the person who makes the clothes for the guy who makes the railroad' (don't ask :D), Cassie asked, "so are we really going?" Then the three of us agreed to go to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast the next morning.

Anyways, so the story doesn't become boring, we went to Dunkin' Donuts and waited on a long line and then Cassie forgot to buy a donut, so Mel went on the line to buy Cassie a donut, and then we saw our last year's math teacher and his little daughter and then we had extra time so we went to the library.

At the library, I finally got Cassie to check out The Alphabetical Hookup List and I complained about how it felt as if I read all the books in the Teen section (which really isn't that big). So, I joked to Cassie that we should read all the books in the Teen section. And, being as we are, we agreed to really do it. And that's how the Alphabetical Backwards List came to be.

stereosymbiosis: I hope Stacy doesn't mind that I'm marring her perfect description of our project. I'm just saying this so that you know that I do actually EXIST. My name is Cassie, and I added most of the interests down there (I had to say it...I like recognition). This community was created so that we could post our rules, book lists, etc. This is also where we will compile lists of books that should not even EXIST, let alone be printed, wasting valuable paper and ink. So, yes, have fun exploring our community, though it is rather boring now...

The members of this Alphebetical Backwards List are Stacy, whereyouwalk, and Cassie, stereosymbiosis

The Alphabetical Backwards List Rules
1. Stacy will start from A and Cassie will start from Z, because she is always last because her last name starts with Z :P, and will read towards the middle.

2. You are allowed to read a book on the side as long as you are reading a book alphabetically.

3. If you read books in a series, you must start with the beginning of the series. If you start from the end, or the middle, you'll have no clue what's going on and you will be doomed.

4. If you and the other person agree a book is so suckish that it should not exist and you would die if you finished it, you only have to read the first half.

5. If a book in a series is not there, but you know it is at the library and it's taken out, you must put a request for it and wait. This rule only applies to series where you are taking out the first book and see the third, and fourth but no second book, not sequels you had no clue existed. If you have to wait more than two weeks for a book, skip it, cause then this thing is going to last forever.

6. You may not skip any books for any reason whatsoever, that's why its called the Alphabetical Backwards List.

7. Once you finish a book, you must list it in your finished book list and post a review about it using the following outline:
Number of Pages:

(The rating system is Terrific, Good, OK, Not Good, Terrible)

8. Once you read the half of a suckish book, you must record it in your finished list with a * next to the listing, and you must post a review about it in the following form:
Number of Pages:
Other thoughts/feelings:

9. If a book, other than a book in a series, is not in the library when you are supposed to read it, skip it, because not every book that exists is in the library.

10. You must never wear purple underwear when you are reading the number of a book on your list that is a multiple of 14!

Good luck to ourselves and have fun!

Summer, 2006:
Hey, people! It's whereyouwalk! The Alphabetical Backwards List has kind of been on hiatus since January... Eighth grade tests and school and stuff kept us busy. But! It's summer now, meaning two months of boredom, so that means LOTS OF READING! I've already been to the library and picked up the next couple of books on my side of the alphabet, and Cassie said she'll be resuming as well. So, I guess that's it for now! Happy Reading to Us, Cass!

The List of Links that are Significantly Important
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Cassie's Book List
Cassie's List of Books That Should Not Exist
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