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The Alphabetical Backwards List
(Not to be confused with the Alphabetical Traveling Pants.)
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Title: The Diary of Pelly D
Author: L. J. Adlington
Number of Pages: 282
Rating: Good
Thoughts/Feelings: This book was weird and interesting. It was both the "present" story of Toni V and the diary of Pelly D, which Toni V found. The book was confusing in the beginning, and you kind of have to figure some things out on your own. I really liked this book, even if it was kind of hard to figure out. It's a page turner, which I love, and I always want to find out what's going on in Pelly D's life.
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Title: Purple Hibiscus
Author: Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie
Number of Pages: 307
Rating: Good
Thoughts/Feelings: I thought this book was really good, although it wasn't terrific. It was better than I thought it would. I felt so bad for the two main characters most of book. The story takes place in Nigeria, so there were a couple of Igbo words, but it was easy to understand what they meant, even without translations most of the time.
26th-Jun-2006 08:03 pm - Adams, Richard - "Watership Down"
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Title: Watership Down
Author: Richard Adams
Number of Pages: 481, but I only read 53
Why: Ok, this book COMPLETELY SUCKED. Nobody cares about rabbits who can talk and have to move away from their home because this rabbit, named Fiver, starts having these "bad feelings." Seriously, nobody cares. Maybe people cared in 1970, when the book was written, but I don't think anybody cares now. Especially TEENAGERS! Honestly, who puts this kind of book in the TEEN section? It should not even EXIST!
Thoughts/Feelings: I couldn't even read past page 53, it sucked so much.
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Title: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Author: Douglas Adams
Number of Pages: 216
Rating: Terrific
Thoughts/Feelings: I love this book. It is crazy and weird and it's awesome. I have to read this really slowly so I understand it all, but that's what makes it so interesting. There's just so much happening and it's impossible to guess what is going to happen next.
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Title: Down the Rabbit Hole
Author: Peter Abrahams
Number of Pages: 375
Rating: Terrific
Thoughts/Feelings: This book was really really good. The beginning was kind of boring, but it got better and better. The mystery keeps you guessing and guessing and the murderer was hard to guess. There's a really cool twist at the end and you can't believe the events that happen. The book kept me reading and I love books that are page-turners. This book was awesome.
5th-Nov-2005 04:06 pm - Abrahms, Teri - "Girls Like Me"
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Title: Girls Like Me
Author: Teri Abrams
Number of Pages: 160
Rating: Not good
Thoughts/Feelings: This book was going nowhere. It was all about a girl and her tragic life. It wasn't that interesting. Some parts were ok, but most of the time it was boring. This was one of those books where I just wish that it was finished. I read the whole book because I'm just like that. But it still wasn't good.
[Merlin] - Gwen
Title: Early Sorrow: Ten Stories of Youth
Compiler: Charlotte Zolotow
Number of Pages: 212
Rating: Not Good
Thoughts/Feelings: This book seems pointless to me. It was just a mishmash of sad short stories and had no real meaning. Was it supposed to make a sad person feel better? Well, it didn't make me feel any better. I would rate this book as Terrible, but the short stories would have been good as longer novels or on their own. I just don't understand why Zolotow couldn't write her own damn novel to make us reflect about the intensity of youth, but instead had to compile a confusing book of ten stories that make no sense together. I do not recommend this book because it didn't make me feel sad, or feel better, but just plain bored.
18th-Oct-2005 03:45 pm - Abelove, Joan - "Saying It Out Loud"
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Title: Saying It Out Loud
Author: Joan Abelove
Number of Pages: 136
Rating: OK
Thoughts/Feelings: This book was alright. It was weird because it had a lot of the girl's memories and the memory parts weren't separated from the actual story in any way. It was a very sad story and it wasn't very interesting.
16th-Oct-2005 04:54 pm - Abelove, Joan - "Go and Come Back" *
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Title: Go and Come Back
Author: Joan Abelove
Number of Pages: 177
Why: This book was a bunch of characters, places, and events just put together. It had characters coming in and out of the story and the author barely explained characters with a big role in the story. The story is "based on events that took place during the early 1970s" but it could have been written better. There never seemed to be a real point to where this was all going. The author just seemed to be taking things away and adding things to the plot. Plus, since this book was about the Isabos living in the Amazonian jungle of Peru, there were some sentences and simple greetings in the language. But, the author only translated some of it. There was a part with a character speaking about 3 sentences in the language and the author didn't translate a bit of it.
Thoughts/Feelings: I read the whole book to see if anything good happened at all. Nothing did. It was interesting reading about the Isabo way of life, which was really, really strange, but the book still sucked.
15th-Oct-2005 07:04 pm - Zusak, Markus - "I am the Messenger"
[Merlin] - Gwen
Title: I am the Messenger
Author: Markus Zusak
Number of Pages: 357
Rating: Terrific
Thoughts/Feelings: That book AMAZED me. There were so many twists and turns -- a new surprise for every chapter. Despite being a bastard, Ed is so lovable. I don't think that I could accurately summarize the book because so much happened. You'll just have to read it for yourself. This is definitely Zusak's best book. He's very skilled at the "cryptic main character" kind of thing. This book was pretty straightforward, but at the end I got a little confused and had to reread things. Again, I have no words...it was wonderful. I definitely recommend this book!
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